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Bromford Housing Group Ltd, which includes Bromford Housing Association Ltd, Fosseway Housing Association Ltd and Bromford Home Ownership Ltd (trading as Bromford and Bromford Homes (previously Bromford Living, Bromford Support and Group)) will keep your personal information secure and confidential. We collect this information (and may share some or all of it with third parties) as part of:
- Providing, and where necessary improving, services to all our customers: housing & neighbourhood management services; home ownership products & services; support services
- As well as, where appropriate: preventing and detecting crime, fraud and unpaid debts; providing help with debt management and benefit entitlement; providing employment, training advice and opportunities; promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment.
If you provide us with personal information relating to members of your family or your associates we will assume you do so with their knowledge and consent to the collecting and processing of the information.
It is important that you tell us of any changes to your personal information as and when they happen so we can keep your details up to date.
For more information on how we use and share your information please refer to our Privacy Notice which is on our website. However, if you would like a written copy of this please contact Customer Services.

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